Friday, December 17, 2010


The story of the film revolves around a criminal called Tees Maar Khan played by Akshay Kumar.

He boldly steals, cheats and cons people. Shame shies away from him. His gang comprises of Dollar, Burger and Soda who manage to keep the world and the police on their toes.

One fine day he is assigned the biggest con job of his life of robbing antiques worth 500 crores from a moving train. This job has been assigned to him by Johri Brothers, international antique smugglers.


Twinkle Khanna and Anil Kapoor are just like Sallu set to make a special appearance. The buzz was that Priyanka Chopra was approached to star in the flick, but was later dropped when Katrina snagged the part. Akshay plays the role of Tabrez Mirza Khan, Katrina portrays Anya and Akshaye Khanna plays Atish Kapoor. The movie's soundtrack has been composed by Vishal-Shekhar and lyrics are written by Javed Akhtar.

Katrina and Akki are done shooting the upcoming movie, but buzz about the popular jodi's on-set fights has spread like wildfire! Kat has now come out to deny the rumors. According to the rumors, Kat was so busy working with Imran Khan on their new flick that she didn't have time to shoot certain scenes with Akshay for Tees Maar Khan. A bust-up allegedly ensued and now the rumor is out!


But both Akki and Tees Maar Khan director Farah Khan have denied the reports, insisting no such fight ever took place. And the Bollywood belle herself claims that she is innocent! "Well, what more should I say? I guess Akshay and Farah have already stated the facts. See, these stories are malicious. These are all fabricated lies. Akshay and I share a wonderful equation so the entire talk about us getting into an argument just doesn't make any sense. Also, how I wish that people find out truth instead of fabricating stories," the actress told reporters.

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